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Carolyn Plummer

Carolyn Plummer. God help us. Some comics rely on the monumental events of the day or the faux pas of the rich and famous. Not Carolyn. Carolyn pulls material from the hum-drum, day-to-day monotony of the life of everyman; and she does it well. To Carolyn the monumental is easy… it’s our existence that’s so hard, yet so ridiculous. Some women look in the mirror and complain that they aren’t pretty enough, not rich enough, not young enough. Carolyn gives her reflection the finger.

Bernadette Pauley

The Edinburgh Journal says Bernadette Pauley’s flawless confidence and no-bullshit attitude make her a sharp, polished performer. Her ability to flit from charming anecdote to viciously biting punchline at a moment’s notice makes her a fascinatingly unpredictable comedian. That’s a really nice way of saying she’s nuts.

Marla Schultz

Marla Schultz is a headlining standup comedian, speaker and actress. An advocate for mental health awareness, Marla’s motto blends comedy and therapy; “Saving lives one punchline at a time.” She grew up feeling alone, disconnected, judged, and like an outcast. She felt different from others, like she didn’t belong. She never wants anyone to feel that way when she’s performing in front of a crowd.

Tammy Pescatelli

Arguably one of the hardest working women in comedy today, Tammy Pescatelli brings brassy sexiness with a bold voice of witty sarcasm to her audiences, holding her own on the topics of sports, television, dating and family life using tongue-in-cheek humor. She is relatable to every audience member-male & female. After seeing Tammy perform, nearly everyone wishes she was their best friend or sister!

Karen Morgan

Karen Morgan was born and raised in Athens, Georgia but now calls Maine home. A former trial attorney, she began her professional comedy career as a Finalist on Nickelodeon Television’s “Search for the Funniest Mom in America.” Since then, she has performed in comedy clubs and theaters from New York to Hollywood. Still licensed to practice law in Maine and Georgia, Karen’s humor brings laughter to many corporate events and fundraisers for charitable organizations. She lives in Cumberland, Maine and misses Waffle House very much.

Ronnie Bullard

Rapid Fire Comedy with a Southern Twang! Ronnie has been a professional comedian for over 37 years For 20 years he has been one of Carnival Cruise Line’s premier acts. He has appeared on Comedy Central, Showtime and, most recently, the Pure Flix Comedy All Stars with Louie Anderson. He’s been the opening act for numerous bands including The Charlie Daniels Band, Melissa Etheridge, and even Three Dog Night (they were down to one dog). His Dry Bar Special is being released in January 2022 !

Tony Esposito

As seen on Comedy Central and Hard Rock Live, Tony Esposito is a national touring comedian with more than 20 years as one of Carnival Cruise lines’ top ranked comedians. A true heavyweight of comedy, his Italian American and southern roots makes his self-deprecating humor a show not to miss.

Jay Whittaker

Jay Whittaker is an award-winning standup comedian, promising actor, avid birdwatcher and podcast producer. Jay lives, works and performs comedy live from Boston, Massachusetts and travels the country for events, comedy shows, festivals, tours, hosting gigs, acting engagements and more. Take a look around. If you have a business inquiry, please visit my contact page and fill out the form, I will get back to you promptly.

Al Ducharme

“I started doing stand-up comedy in high school and continued through college. It was my first full-time job and it’s been an incredible ride. Ups and downs and lots of sharp turns.” ALD

Brad Mastrangelo

What started as a dare from friends in 1990 has grown into a very successful career in stand up comedy. Brad’s street smart brand of comedy has taken him all around the globe. From his hometown of Boston to California and many places in between. Brad’s real life stories hit home with people of all ages. Many leave his shows asking themselves if they grew up next to him because they can relate to everything he hits upon in his show.

Paul D'Angelo

Paul Murphy spent almost eleven years as an Assistant District Attorney, supervising several of Massachusetts’s busiest courthouses, before building a reputation as a noted criminal-defense trial attorney. The unexpected twist to this story is that, for nine of those years, under the pseudonym of Paul D’Angelo, Paul was simultaneously becoming one of the nation’s top standup comedians.

Alex Babbitt

Brooklyn native, Alex Babbitt, otherwise known as “Mr. Babbitt”, is a rising star in the New York City scene. Mr. Babbitt started at the ripe age of 16 and has now become one of the funniest and most charismatic comedians in the country. “Comedy, acting, and entertaining as a whole; gives me the freedom I want to “define” myself; not by what people want me to be but by who I want to be”.